221(g) Document Requirements


These basic documents are required at all visa application interviews:

  1. DS 160 barcode print out – on this form is will ask if you have been denied a visa before. If you have had a visa suspended previously under section 221(g), you must check “yes” that you have had a visa denied (a suspension is considered a denial).
  2. 2.Appointment confirmation email print out
  3. 3.I-797 – Notice of Action
  4. 4.LCA – Labor Condition Application and Letter
  5. 5.I-129 – Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker
  6. Passport– your passport validity must be more than one year. It is not recommended to appear at a visa application interview with only a few months left on your passport. If an individual is seeking temporary employment and the passport expires before the end of the employment period, the visa will only be good until the date that the passport expires.
  7. 7.EVC/EV Model employee documents specifically Client Letter
  8. Supporting documents filed with USCIS at the time of the application.
  9. Resume
  10. Employer documents (employee lists, tax filings, company listings, etc.)
  11. Employer Annual Report
  12. Pay stubs
  13. Offer letter
  14. Job description (nature of work, technical details)
  15. Manager details
  16. Department and site information
  17. Information on projects
  18. Previous employment letters to verify prior work
  19. Timesheets
  20. W2s
  21. Tax Returns
  22. I-20s
  23. Educational documents
  24. Client letter
  25. Vendor letter
  26. Employer offer letter
  27. Contract information between client and vendor
  28. Employment contract
  29. Letter to USCIS at the time of initial submission
  30. LCA filing documentation

Additional Required Documents

There are a series of other documents that must also be presented at the visa application interview:

Documents Required for Contractors

Additional supporting documentation is required for immigrants who will be performing contract work. Contractors work for a different company than there employer. The required documents could include: