B-2 Visa

The B-2 VisitorVisa is for those individuals who are entering the US solely for recreation or to seek medical aide. The purpose of the visit can be to visit friends or relatives, rest, tourism, pleasure, or is seeking medical treatment.

While visiting the US with a B-2 visitors visa, the visa holder may not participate in any work related activity in which they are paid by a US company, organization or entity. However, this does not preclude the individual from participating in amateur shows and contests, as long as the visa holder is not being paid such as: musicals, plays, concerts, sporting events. The visa holder is also not allowed to take formal classes that would result in credits towards a formal degree, such as a bachelor's course in economics. The visitor is allowed to take classes for pleasure such as a once a week dance class, violin lessons, or a course in shoe making.

In the case of a visitor seeking medical aide in the US, the visa officer may ask to see documentation from the treating physician or specialist in the US, documentation of illness from primary care physician, communications between the specialist and patient, etc.

Those who do not qualify for a B-2 Visa are: individuals who are seeking to work or study in the US. Temporary students, photographers, and journalists are also ineligible for this visa.