H-1B Interview Preparation

The Visa Officer is a very intelligent and highly professional individual who has been trained to look at all visa applicants as possible abdicators of their own country. The visa officer has been trained to look for psychological signs of untruthfulness, and to examine documents provided with utmost caution. As the applicant it is your job to put them at ease and to impress upon them that you are a honest individual who is traveling to the United States for the reasons indicated by your application.


The Visa Officer may ask you a lot of questions about your job duties and backround and this is where a lot of H-1B applicants fall into the trap of providing too much information, or lying in order to appear more informed. Remember YOU are the expert, do not get flustered, and do not talk yourself into a denial. Answers need to be short and to the point, if you don't know a particular detail say 'I am unsure, I don't know, etc' but do not lie. Your lie will cost you. If there is a discrepancy with your paperwork explain it in detail but keep to the facts.


During your interview: Do not lose your train of thought, do not fidget, have good eye contact, provide succinct answers that do not give them room for doubt. You must prepare your answers well and ease the doubts that your visa officer will automatically have about you.


Applying for a visa is not a simple or quick process and neither is preparing for the application interview. It is important that all of the required documentation is complete accurately and brought to the interview.The visa application interview allows the consulate to verify the validity of the visa application by reviewing the documents and speaking with the applicant. The visa application can be accepted, suspended, or denied based on the results of the interview.


If the consulate is unsure about the documentation that is presented, the visa application will be suspended under section 221(g) of the INA for further review. There is no set time for a decision to be made. It can take weeks, months, or even more than a year for the suspended application to be moved to acceptance or refusal.


To best prepare for your interview it is highly recommended that you speak with a professional who has many years of experience preparing visas. Call Keshab Raj Seadie, Esq now to make an appointment for your first consultation. 212.571.6002.