Types of H-1B Interview Questions


This section primarily deals with the H-1B applicants who appear before consulate officers throughout the world. A lot of H-1B applicants are denied for several different reasons, either they submit their paperwork past time, or they lack the interview skills necessary to successfully pass this quick background check. Sometimes, they lack confidence or know-how in presenting their backgrounds and job duties. Whatever the reason, their interviews will result in a 221G or a direct denial of their visas. Even for repeat applicants and renewal applicants there arises a different set of problems during their interview process.


Here is a breakdown of the types of questions that you may be asked during your H-1B interview. Keep in mind that every interview is different based on the job position and questions may be phrased differently. But if you understand the general intent of the question and WHY it is being asked you will be able to hold a conversation with you interviewer with no problems. You may note that certain questions can have multiple reasons that this question is being asked thus you must prepare for all contingencies.


Questions about you:

WHY: S/he is looking for a truthful response about who you are as a person. These are all general preliminary questions to ensure that your paperwork is in order. You shouldn’t need to worry too much about studying these questions; they should come as second nature to you.

Questions about your education:

WHY: S/he wants to establish that you do hold the necessary education and background to perform the job that you are slated to do. Again an H-1B visa is for those individuals who are working in specialized fields.

Questions about your current occupation:

WHY: The Interviewer starts formulating a picture of why you are seeking the new position, what in your current line of work would cause you to want to go to another country to seek work. This is the core of H-1B visa questions because s/he would be able to better determine your qualifications

Questions about your technical skills may be asked based on profession:

WHY: S/he wants to know whether you are truly qualified. Here is where your experience will show and the veracity of your previous statements is brought into question. The interviewer will probably ask one or two questions relating to your field of expertise

Questions about your intent:

WHY: To establish whether or not you are a flight risk. The main objective of the consular is the evaluate whether you are truthful about wanting to move to the US for work alone or if you are going in order to illegally immigrate to the US. This question set might be small, but the answers will most likely be the most important.

Questions about your sponsoring company:

WHY: This is a general picture of the company, answer as truthfully as possible, when you don’t know the answer do NOT make it up. Just say you don’t know

Questions regarding your relationship to this company:

WHY: Establishing that there is a need in this company for your particular set of expertise.

Questions about your travel plans:

WHY: S/he wants to know that you understand fully the agreement that you are about to enter into.


These are some types of questions that may be put forth to you during the interview process. Knowing the question itself is not as important as understanding the intent behind the question therefore knowing what types of questions should be the interviewee’s focus. If the interview process is your primary concern, call us now at (212) 571-6002 to speak with a seasoned immigration attorney for a consultation with mock interview to better your chances of being approved for your visa.


Keshab Raj Seadie, Esq has over 10 years experience handling thousands upon thousands of visas with a 99% success rate. He has worked with immigrants from all over the world successfully helping them gain visas to the US.