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Are You Ready for Your Visa Interview at the US Consulate?

You have been dreaming about your vacation since last year. Your boss has given you the OK to take two weeks off from work so that you can visit some family members in the United States. You have called your travel agency, they have booked your plane tickets and hotel reservations, and you’re mentally prepared to go on vacation. You went on the USCIS website and submitted a DS-160 form and you have your interview date. But are you ready for your Visa interview? Are all your documents in order? Do you know what the visa officer is looking for from an interviewee?

Visitors to the US all have to apply for a visitors’ visa except for those visiting from exempt countries. The questions that arise from this complicated process are numerous and this process could be a minefield to navigate. The applicant has to ask him/herself: Do I qualify for this particular visa? Did I fill out the application correctly? What are the documents that I need to bring with me? What documents do I have to submit ahead of time? What is the Visa Officer looking for during our interview?

The Visa Officer is a very intelligent and highly professional individual who has been trained to look at all visa applicants as possible abdicators of their own country. The visa officer has been trained to look for psychological signs of untruthfulness, and to examine documents provided with utmost caution. As the applicant it is your job to put them at ease and to impress upon them that you are a honest individual who is traveling to the United States for the reasons indicated by your application.

During your interview: Do not lose your train of thought, do not fidget, have good eye contact, provide succinct answers that do not give them room for doubt. You must prepare your answers well and ease the doubts that your visa officer will automatically have about you. To view a list of sample questions please click here

To best prepare for your interview it is highly recommended that you speak with a professional who has many years of experience preparing visas. Call Keshab Raj Seadie, Esq now to make an appointment for your first consultation. 212.571.6002.